BW Clip 系列 单一气体检测仪(抛弃型)


BW Clip 免维护单一气体检测仪是非常可靠、界面友好、操作简便、具有极高性价比的产品。BW Clip提供了长达三年的使用寿命,期间无需校准、更换传感器、更换电池、或电池充电。
Available in a two-year or three-year version for H2S or CO
Available in a two-year version for O2 or SO2
Unique hibernation case extends service life for the two-year BW Clip for H2S or CO
Compact, lightweight and easy to use — with one-button operation and no extensive training
Automated self-test for improved safety
Automatically logs the 35 most recent gas events for easy, accurate recordkeeping
Compatible with the IntelliDoX instrument management system for extremely quick bump tests, bump test tracking, adjustable set points and more
Also compatible with MicroDock II docking station and Fleet Manager II software